The Pipe Ground of Avoriaz is a module shaped by the Avoriaz Snowzone team with curves and design built as it was a skateboard’s bowl. Skate sensations on snow !

It’s the opportunity to ride with friends, in an unusual brand new infrastructure.

The Pipe Ground is shaped for the month of April, in the Avoriaz’s Half pipe. The event starts with one week of professional shooting during which pro riders are going to test and explore the many possibilities of this snowy bowl.

During the whole month of April, the participants will benefit from an exclusive access to the module in the morning, supervise by coaches and pro riders.

Then, the module will be open to the public for the rest of the day.

Many activities are planned in order to welcome our participants in a warm atmosphere !


The Pipe Ground Camp will take place during the whole month of April in Avoriaz. We offer freestyle trainings (ski and snowboard) supervise by state registered coaches in the 4 Avoriaz’s legendary snow parks, along with an exclusive access to the Pipe Ground every morning.

Every week, pro-riders will be invited to come and share ride sessions and activities with the participants. It will be the opportunity to ride with among others, Joffrey Pollet-Villard, César Fabre, Johan Baisamy, Sam Favret… And the state registered coaches.

The ride apprentices will be supervised to train and progress in order to achieve their personal goals. (freestyle introduction, improvement, pleasure or competition). Everything is possible for the ones who want to perform acrobatics on boards !

The Pipe Ground Camp also offer a list of activities to keep going in a sporty and freestyle atmosphere: video corrections, skate (at the skatepark of Morzine), trampoline, slackline, physiotherapy……


The innovation, the famous module shaped on the occasion of the end of the winter season in the Avoriaz’s half pipe, the Pipe Ground.

Campers will have the chance to improve in the 4 snowparks in Avoriaz : the Arare snowpark, the park of la Chapelle and the Stash. Even the youngest will have fun in adapted infrastructures, as the lil’ stash and the kid parkway. Varied and adapted to every level, the Avoriaz Snowzone offers all the elements to please all type of riders, boys and girls, kids, teens and adults !